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Richard O'Brien
May 15, 1989
During the seven months Roy Jones spent contemplating his professional debut, 10 of his 11 Seoul-mates started slugging for pay. Here's how the class of '88—its collective record is 24-0—shapes up:
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May 15, 1989

They're Perfect, So Far

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The brightest prospect of the group may be light heavyweight gold medalist Andrew Maynard. Managed by Ray Leonard and Mike Trainer, Maynard is 3-0. Last month he stopped Anthony Williams in the second round, displaying both a cracking left hook and an impressive ring presence. With his broad smile and engaging manner, Maynard also has a presence outside the ring that rivals that of Leonard himself. After his knockout of Williams, Maynard stepped from his dressing room in a gray suit, white shirt and silk tie and announced to the press, "It's showtime."

No, Andrew, for you and the rest of the '88 Olympians, it's show-what-you've-got time.

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