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Grandpa Would Be Pleased
Shelley Smith
August 21, 1989
As the rising Sun climbs above Japan each morning, the 3,700 employees of the Mizuno Corporation stand and sing the company song: "Sun rises east of Asia, love your home country, love your work. Company badge shining on our chest...."
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August 21, 1989

Grandpa Would Be Pleased

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Masato Mizuno has plans to turn his company into a full-service sports organization. Travel agencies are already setting up sports tours that can be purchased at almost every Mizuno outlet in Japan. And Masato operates 60 golf schools throughout the country. "We have 50,000 graduates," he says proudly. He predicts sales will hit $3.9 billion by 2001.

"We want to be able to meet every sports need," says Masato. "And we want true internationalization. Those are our goals."

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