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August 28, 1989
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August 28, 1989


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He knew his arm was broken. Doctors had warned him that the surgery had weakened his humerus and that it might not withstand the strain of pitching full-bore. During the operation, the humerus had been frozen with liquid nitrogen, which kills cancer cells but also kills healthy bone cells. Somehow the humerus had held up through three minor league games Dravecky pitched as rehabilitation and through his big league return on Aug. 10, in which he went eight innings and beat the Cincinnati Reds 4-3.

Dravecky also picked up the win against the Expos, but afterward several of his teammates were near tears. Medical opinion is mixed on whether Dravecky should try to pitch again—the fractured humerus might be stronger after healing, or it might break again under similar stress, thereby increasing the risk of a recurrence of cancer. Dravecky says he will try another comeback. If anyone can succeed in such circumstances, he can.


The Southwest can be a blast furnace in the summer, with temperatures reaching 120°. Only the hardiest souls—or the foolhardiest—venture out into such heat for a daytime run or round of golf.

That may soon change. Steve Utter, a Chandler, Ariz., landscaper and inventor, has come up with a personal air-conditioning device that he says allows people to enjoy outdoor sports in hot weather. Utter's invention, the Misty Mate, is a tiny evaporative cooler. Like the much larger evaporative machines used to cool patios outside many desert homes, it emits a fine, cool mist, which displaces the warm air and rapidly evaporates, lowering the temperature by as much as 25°.

Utter is marketing a seven-pound, $149 Misty Mate that athletes can strap onto their backs and a larger, $319 unit for golf carts. Early reports indicate that Misty Mates, if a tad cumbersome for serious athletes, do work.

Utter hasn't overlooked the spectator market. He is talking to officials at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe about renting Misty Mates to fans for Arizona State and NFL Cardinals games.

Bicycling magazine recently polled its readers on the topic of cycling and sex. It found that while biking, men are more likely than women to think of sex. While having sex, women are more likely than men to think about going bicycling.


It's quite possible that if Sacramento Kings guard Ricky Berry hadn't owned a handgun, he might not have committed suicide on Aug. 14. Berry, 24, shot himself with 9-millimeter semiautomatic pistol (which he used for target shooting) about two hours after his wife, Valerie, with whom he had been arguing, left their new $370,000 house in Carmichael, Calif., to spend the evening with a friend. Valerie apparently was upset that her husband had invited friends over for pizza and video games without asking her.

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