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October 02, 1989
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October 02, 1989


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If Robinson's accusations are false, he should have sanctions brought against him. The only way to learn the truth is to investigate his charges fully.


Former British light heavyweight champion Tony Wilson was taking a pummeling against the ropes last Thursday night in the third round of his bout against Steve McCarthy in McCarthy's hometown of Southampton, England. Suddenly a middle-aged woman spectator climbed into the ring, came up behind McCarthy and started clubbing him on the head with one of her wedge-heeled shoes. She was Wilson's mother, Minna.

The referee restrained her, and McCarthy—whose head was bleeding slightly from Minna's attack—raised his arms in triumph, believing he had been declared the winner of the fight. Minna tried to go after McCarthy again as he was returning to his corner, but security guards removed her from the ring.

When the referee told McCarthy that he had not been awarded the victory—that he had to resume boxing—McCarthy angrily left the ring and refused to return. Wilson was declared the winner, whereupon the crowd pelted him with plastic cups and other objects. On the way to his locker room, he was punched and kicked.

No wonder Wilson was still dazed when he met the press afterward. "The first thing I saw was my mum in the ring, and then everything went wild," he said. "She has been watching my fights for years, and nothing like this has happened before."

Huzzahs for USA Cable, which served American golf fans well—at least those who get USA—by televising last week's exciting Ryder Cup competition from Sutton Coldfield, England (page 30). It's too bad the three major networks decided to pass up the best golf show of the year.

San Franciscans will vote next month on whether to build a $100 million baseball stadium near downtown to replace chilly old Candlestick Park. Columnist Rob Morse of the San Francisco Examiner asked readers to suggest names for the proposed stadium. Among the suggestions were Warmer Field, Nowhere to Park, Bleep the Dodgers Park, Say Hey Stadium and—in honor of Mayor Art Agnos, who has worked to get the stadium proposal approved—Agnostick Park.


Speaking of Candlestick Park, former major league pitcher and ex-Giant Vida Blue got married on the mound there on Sunday afternoon before a San Francisco-Houston game. It was a traditional baseball service: Blue and his bride, Peggy Shannon, walked out under crossed bats held aloft by some Giants players.

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