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Jack McCallum
November 06, 1989
In addition to the pistons, which teams contain (contain being a relative term in this case) Michael Jordan? And which ones don't stop him at all? We sat Jordan down at the Multiplex, the Bulls' practice facility in Deerfield, Ill., and quizzed him on just this sort of thing.
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November 06, 1989

The Quiz Kid

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There are four teams, excluding the expansion franchises, against which you ve averaged fewer than 30 points.

"Lakers?" says Jordan.


"Really? O.K., Washington, Dallas, Seattle."


"I don't know the fourth."

You've had a couple of celebrated bad games against this team.

"Oh, Golden State. Got to be Golden State."


"If there's a pattern in some of the teams that stop me," says Jordan, "it's that they make me play defense against a big, physical guard who runs off picks. Washington has Jeff Malone. Dallas has Rolando Blackman. Seattle has Dale Ellis. I can't post these guys up that easily because they're as big and strong as I am. I know Malone's not supposed to be a good defensive player, but he comes after me.

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