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November 15, 1989
Tyson KO's Michael Spinks in 91 seconds. Bush takes out Dukakis in something like 91 seconds. Wrigley Field gets lights, Ben Johnson gets DQ'd, Orel Hershiser's Dodgers win, as do the 49ers, Lakers and Oilers. Lou Holtz celebrates at Notre Dame and the NBA-bound Larry Brown rejoices at Kansas—for, oh, maybe 91 seconds.
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November 15, 1989


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Endangered Eagle.

A new bride (actress Janet Jones) and new uniform ( L.A. Kings) for the Great One.

For Greg Louganis, two gold medals-but also five stitches.

Outpointed in an Olympic bantamweight bout, Korean boxer Byun Jong Il makes his point with a 67-minute sit-in.

Katarina captivates Calgary.

Naim Suleymanoglu of Turkey breaks six world records in the Summer Games.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee soars to victory in the Olympic long jump and heptathlon.

Flo-Jo nails the 100 and 200 in Seoul.

In Seoul, Johnson flies in the 100, flops on the drug test. (Photograph by Ronald C. Modra)

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