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AMERICA'S Sweetheart
Rick Reilly
November 27, 1989
Life may seem an idyll for Steve Garvey and his new wife, Candace (left), but baseball's Mr. Clean is the butt of jokes about his sex life, and he says he is broke
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November 27, 1989

America's Sweetheart

Life may seem an idyll for Steve Garvey and his new wife, Candace (left), but baseball's Mr. Clean is the butt of jokes about his sex life, and he says he is broke

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•Jan. 3. 1989: Garvey puts Mendenhall on a plane to Atlanta and then, according to Ross, tells Ross that he has broken up with Mendenhall. Says Ross. "He told me, 'You're the one I see myself married to.' "

•Jan. 4, 1989: Garvey's engagement is announced to the press, but according to Mendenhall, Garvey had already called her to say they would have to delay the wedding. The reason: Cyndy, he said, was pressuring him to pay her $25,000 she said he owed her for legal expenses. Later the same day they talk again and this time Garvey tells Mendenhall that another woman (Moulton) has phoned him, saying she is pregnant with his child. Garvey says he told Mendenhall, "Marriage just isn't for me," and broke the engagement. According to Mendenhall, all he said was he wanted to "push the wedding back a little."

Meanwhile. Ross is growing skeptical. "He did interviews that day describing how he'd proposed to her," she says. "...I couldn't believe he could be so callous."

•Jan. 5, 1989: Mendenhall flies to San Diego because, she now says, she was worried about Moulton and the $25,000, and she wanted to comfort Garvey. Garvey says she came to talk him out of breaking up. They had sex the next night. Again, Garvey told SI, he thought she was in charge of the birth control. "She did the same things she always did," he says. "She walked into the bathroom beforehand. What am I going to do, follow her?"

Mendenhall's paternity and breach-of-promise suit against Garvey says he was "fully cognizant" that she hadn't made the usual birth control preparations. In documents prepared for a U.S. District Court in Atlanta, Garvey now says they did not have sex on Jan. 6.

•Jan. 8, 1989: Garvey puts Mendenhall on the plane for Atlanta. "We both did a lot of crying," she says. "He said to me, 'We'll be married. I just need time.' " Garvey says he broke off the engagement for good before she left. "People can listen but not hear," he says.

•Jan. 13, 1989: At his annual Ski Classic in Deer Valley—to benefit the Utah Special Olympics—Garvey falls in love with blonde, blue-green-eyed, 30-year-old Candace Thomas, a former high school cheerleader. Over the next two weeks, they dance together at the Bush Inauguration, take in the Super Bowl and become engaged the night of the game. Thomas has been divorced twice, and her daughters from the first marriage now live with her and Garvey.

•Jan. 23, 1989: Mendenhall, having heard nothing from Garvey for 13 days, thinks she has worried herself sick. She has lost nine pounds and can't sleep. No wonder. She's pregnant.

Garvey and Mendenhall talk. She says that's when he broke off the engagement. Both agree he said he would take care of the baby.

•Jan. 24, 1989: Garvey calls Ross and tells her about Thomas. "He wanted me to be happy for him." says Ross. "Can you believe it?...I don't know how he dealt with all of us in the course of a year. The man's got great stamina."

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