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Mike D'Orso
February 12, 1990
The regulars at Lee Haney's Animal Kingdom are used to seeing celebrities working out in their gym. Bruce Springsteen builds his born-again body at this weight-training center in downtown Atlanta when he's in town, and it was here that Joe Piscopo pumped himself up beyond recognition. Photos of Haney with such luminaries as Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young hang on the cinder-block walls of the place. But on a Saturday morning last fall even the regulars dropped their dumbbells and stared as Haney, just home from Italy, where he had won his sixth consecutive Mr. Olympia title, explained the finer points of the bench press to one of the biggest athletes ever to lumber into his gym.
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February 12, 1990

Will Sumo Wrestling's Loss Be Pro Wrestling's Gain?

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And to understand it. While in Atlanta, Kitao went three times to a nearby mall to watch the film Black Rain. Set in Osaka, the movie's theme is the individual's struggle against the group. "There is a saying in Japan," says Higgins. "Deru kugi wa utareru: 'The nail that sticks out gets hammered.' " Higgins glances up at his towering prot�g�. They must hurry home. A full day is scheduled at the Animal Kingdom tomorrow.

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