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March 26, 1956
Jon Corbino finds color, movement and excitement at the track
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March 26, 1956

Fantasy Of Horses

Jon Corbino finds color, movement and excitement at the track

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The exhilaration and excitement that vibrate like a shimmering layer of atmosphere over a race track when the horses are keyed up for a race have been transposed into a quality of painting in these canvases by Jon Corbino. The artist, born in Italy and brought to America as a child, has long been attracted by the turbulent patterns of objects in motion. His artistic roots lie in the styles of Delacroix and Rubens, his subject matter often in the world of carnivals and race tracks, where color and movement are inseparable. In the two paintings shown on these pages Corbino has produced immensely sensitive and decorative patterns of elegant mobile creatures, muscles straining, in a richly colored world, half fantasy, half fact.

Horses parading around the paddock before a race, skittish with excitement and high spirits, inspired this subtly composed painting by Jon Corbino.

Straining to be away, jockeying for position under the guidance of strong hands that control them, highbred horses on the track compose themselves into a magnificent spectacle in this Corbino painting.

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