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QUESTION: What is the best way to use shortswing technique to keep me out of trouble when running through a series of big bumps or moguls?
Willy Schaeffler/Ski Coach, University Of Denver
February 02, 1959
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February 02, 1959

Question: What Is The Best Way To Use Shortswing Technique To Keep Me Out Of Trouble When Running Through A Series Of Big Bumps Or Moguls?

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Approaching the uphill side of the mogul, be sure your legs are loose and relaxed so they can absorb the shock of the sudden change in terrain. To make a turn to the right as shown here, your track should be just to the left of the crown of the mogul. When you come onto the mogul (first figure) plant the right pole before the crown, increase your knee bend and press the ankles well forward. As you ride over the crest (second figure), body in the comma position, push out and down with the heels, use the right pole as well as the natural fallaway of the terrain to increase the heel push. Finishing (below), keep your feet together, knees pressed into the hill. Upper body should face downhill throughout the turn.

Best track through moguls runs to one side or other of peak on each succeeding bump, keeps skier in fall line but allows him to use edges for control on downhill side. (Skier shown in illustration is traveling portion of track above blue bar.)