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March 16, 1959
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March 16, 1959

Wonderful World Of Sport

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The hug and/or kiss has now become the standard climax to all manner of sporting events, as these pictures attest. One enthusiast in far-off Indonesia who seemed to be trying to establish smooching itself as a sport raised angry cries of "foul!"

Glider queen Betty Ann Nelson nuzzled Larry Bell with closed eyes after he won the Pacific Coast midwinter soaring championship meet at Torrey Pines in southern California.

First-class hug for second-place honors in Squaw Valley 500-meter skate was the special final award to handsome Bill Disney of Alhambra, Calif. from his pretty wife Betty.

Communist boss Ho Chi Minh of North Vietnam, shown here clinching a vote in the shrubbery, outraged Moslems in Indonesia on a state visit last week by a penchant for too fervid political kissing that was not restricted to babies.

Roman holiday for Pilot Max Conrad after 50th transatlantic crossing in light plane includes laurel and a chaste kiss from Italian Actress Valeria Fabrizi. Chicago-to-Rome flight took 34 hours.

Queenly peck on the cheek salutes the world's youngest championship dog sled driver, Johnny Piscopo, after the 11-year-old boy drove in the New England Championships at Newport, N.H.


Believe it or not, the personage pictured at the right is not Patrick Henry addressing the Virginia House of Burgesses. It is a 20-year-old girl ski star addressing the New Hampshire state legislature. Back in the U.S. only a few hours after a triumphant 16 months of competitive skiing in Europe, Olympic hopeful Penny Pitou was promptly presented to a joint session of the state House and Senate as a part of her day-long homecoming celebration. "Well, you really caught me off guard," gushed the pretty skier, who developed an ulcer (now on the mend) and a fine technique while abroad.

After her speech, Penny's adoring New Hampshire elders hustled their wandering daughter off to a luncheon in Concord, drove her through the streets of Laconia behind a small brass band and at last allowed her some time with her family. That night she was pressed back into service for a banquet (Belknap Mountain roast beef, Squaw Valley gravy) and a dance. But a few days later she was back on skis. "I must concentrate now on the Olympic trials at Stowe," she said. "After the Olympics, if I make them, I will go back and finish school."

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