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19TH HOLE: The readers take over
April 06, 1959
WARNING FROM BERMUDA Sirs:Recently we have been receiving frequent, disturbing reports about the indiscriminate use of scuba self-contained underwater breathing apparatus by untrained persons, leading to violations of safety rules and occasional fatalities.
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April 06, 1959

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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?George Grinnell, Skip Pessl and Peter Franck, all members of the Moffatt expedition, are already planning another trip to the north.—ED.

The enclosed picture (see below) may be of interest to you in view of your Barren Grounds article.

Last week I went up to Reindeer Lake in the far north of Canada to run a survey on our airstrip, and we experimented with ice fishing. The results were spectacular. The smallest lake trout was 32 pounds and the largest 42 pounds. These trout were caught with light metal lines, a single hook and whitefish tail as bait.

The ice was 5� feet thick and there was five feet of snow on the ice. We had to cut the holes around five feet square.

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