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Martin Kane
August 10, 1959
The sorry situation Bill Rosensohn describes in these pages leaves only a dim possibility that the return bout between Ingemar Johansson, new heavyweight champion, and Floyd Patterson, new ex-champion, can be staged in September. A wrangle as tangled as this one cannot be resolved easily. To make a September fight possible Ingemar would have to start training almost immediately. He shows no sign of doing so. He has said he would prefer to wait until next year, and now he has an excuse for postponement.
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August 10, 1959

What It All Means

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Thus D'Amato tried to foist Harry Davidow, a luncheonette owner, on Johansson as his 10% American manager. Johansson cleverly knocked that scheme on the head just by exposing it, and the New York State boxing commission denounced the contract. The Rosensohn Enterprises raid is in the Davidow pattern.

The Davidow gambit doesn't seem to be working this time, either. Rosensohn is dealing from more strength than he cares to admit. With Johansson on his side he has that big right-hand punch going for him.

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