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Lee Grosscup
August 10, 1959
A few days hence, football fans from coast to coast will be watching the first major contest of the coming season when the College All-Stars play the pro champion Baltimore Colts in Chicago. They will be paying particular attention to the performance of the All-Stars' passing quarterback, the famous Lee Grosscup, All-America from the University of Utah and No. 1 draft choice for the New York football Giants last season. It will be Grosscup's final appearance as a college player; then he will join the Giants, where he is expected to add new life and vigor to an aging backfield.
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August 10, 1959

Private Life Of A Forward Passer

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I get along just fine with nearly everyone at Utah and have no complaints whatsoever. Of course there are some "doubters" and some "sour grapers," but thank God for them. The doubters are the ones that keep me going. Hell, yes, you've got to prove yourself over and over again in life and it's so damn satisfying to think back and laugh at the doubters. And you don't have to say "I told you so." Oh, no!

I hate people who are outwardly smug and arrogant. But if one can appear humble and yet know inwardly that he's got the world by the tail, then he's sitting pretty.

I have two tests tomorrow and I plan to stay up all night tonight studying. I've been drinking coffee, and every time I drink coffee excessively my mind catches fire and I feel like writing down everything that comes into my mind. Some nights after I drink coffee I lay awake for hours and can remember things that happened to me when I was only 2 years old. It's amazing how a non-powerful drug like caffeine can have such an effect on me.

April 2, 1958

I went home to California for a week between quarters. Sure enjoyed myself in California; went to the beach every day and played volleyball with my Dad. The ocean was pretty warm for this time of the year and I enjoyed body surfing and splashing about in the blue Pacific. Hated to leave California, but in a way I'm glad to be back in Salt Lake. The people here really treat me great and I've made some real close friends here in "Mormonville."

I came out with a B average last quarter, which wasn't bad considering that I was carrying 18 hours, working part time and had a winter football class two days a week. This quarter I'm carrying 17 hours, working part time and will be playing football full time starting next week. Yep! Football is here again. Seems like I just got out of that damn uniform and now here I am back donning my cleats again. Spring practice only lasts 20 days though, and actually I'm looking forward to learning Nagel's system. The split-T is a real challenge to me. Who knows, I may turn into a "running" back yet.

All I've learned to say of interest in French is: "Mon Cherie, voulezvous coucher avec moi," and what the hell, I knew how to say that before I even took French 1. Oh, well C'est la vie!

April 22, 1958

I shall briefly bring you up to date on the latest developments in the life of "split-T" Grosscup, the running, blocking, tackling, bone-bruising quarterback, who originally made the grade as a passer. It's not quite that bad, but Nagel has been sticking pretty much to basic stuff and my right arm has spent more time hitting dummies, blocking, tackling and throwing "shivers" than passing. However, these last few days Nagel has added some "flanker" plays and it looks like the aerial circus may be back in town before spring ball winds up May 10. I'm throwing a more accurate pass than last fall and my ball handling and running have improved considerably (out of necessity).

I'm taking a beginning acting class this quarter which ties in with my speech minor, and I've really got the bug for dramatics lately. My professor has encouraged me and he seems to think I might have possibilities as an actor. I've always been kind of a "bad actor" anyway, and now at least I'll have an excuse for my behavior.

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