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19TH HOLE: The readers take over
August 10, 1959
BASEBALL: LOOK AT THE DOUGHNUT Sirs:After three months of pursuing the Cleveland Indians, the Chicago White Six finally take over first place and are greeted by Les Woodcock's remark, "The White Sox played as if they might not fold this time around" (BASEBALL'S WEEK, July 27). Isn't it about time that this myth, so beloved by sportswriters, was retired in the interest of honesty and fair play?
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August 10, 1959

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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As a charter subscriber, let me first congratulate you on a magnificent job of reporting on all sports. Your preview of the U.S.A.- U.S.S.R. track meet was up to your usual high standard.

However, I must admit that I was somewhat shocked by your review of the upcoming bullfight series on TV (EVENTS & DISCOVERIES, July 27). Your statement that Carlos Arruza, Alfonzo Ramirez and Juanito Silviti were somewhat less than major league caliber appears to be a case of one of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S major errors. I am not familiar with the latter toreros, but no less an authority than Barnaby Conrad rates Arruza the greatest all-round performer of all time—even a better all-round torero than Manolete.

Ordo�ez may now be great and Arruza may be over the hill, but he surely is of major league caliber. American writers certainly do not berate Stan Musial or Ted Williams as they near the end of their careers. Nor do they run them down in favor of Harmon Killebrew or even proven performers Aaron, Mathews, Kuenn, etc. Domingu�n and Ordo�ez deserve their laurels, but Arruza doesn't deserve his slap in the face.
Pacific Palisades, Calif.

? Carlos Arruza, now partially retired and fighting mostly from horseback, was indeed one of the great performers in the bull ring; no slight was intended.—ED.

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