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September 28, 1959
BASKETBALL—CHICAGO received franchise in National Basketball Assn. effective 1960-61 season, increasing league to nine teams.
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September 28, 1959

For The Record

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SHOOTING—ARNOLD RIEGGER, Castle Rock, Wash., stretched his registered, world-record string to 1,434 before missing, Cardena, Calif.

SWIMMING—BAPTISTA PEREIRA, Portugal, set new European distance swim record by covering 204, kilometers in 28:43, Alhandra, Portugal.

TABLE TENNIS—SOL SCHIFF, New York, won men's singles in Canadian International championships; BARBARA CHAIMSON, Washington, D.C., women's singles and women's junior; CLARK GOLDSTEIN, Washington, D.C., junior singles; Toronto.

MILEPOSTS—RESIGNED: JOE GORDON, Cleveland Indian manager, after General Manager Frank Lane had publicly deplored recent tactical decisions. Said Gordon, weary after Lane's constant second-guesses: "If Lane wants to be manager he should put on a suit and sit on the bench."

DIED: CHARLES H. McCLOY, 73, professor emeritus of physical education at University of Iowa and one of the country's leading exponents on the need for greater physical fitness. In his 50 years in physical education McCloy worked as coach, author, research scientist, advocated exercise not to prolong life but to raise the quality of living, consistently deplored the physical condition of most Americans. Said McCloy: "Americans seem to specialize in getting out of shape. Twenty years too soon they gel down to the point where they don't have much life."

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