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Gerald Holland
August 22, 1960
A report from behind the scenes as a big league team takes to the road
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August 22, 1960

The Club Goes West

A report from behind the scenes as a big league team takes to the road

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Ray said: "I thought it was about letter-high, just the kind of pitch I struck him out on before."

"I don't think so," said Solly Hemus. "You start keeping that little notebook."

"Yes, sir," said Ray, "I'll sure do that."

The Cardinals beat the Cubs next afternoon 3-2. After the game Secretary Ward got a call from Pitching Coach Howie Pollet.

"Leo," said Howie, "Solly wants to send Larry Jackson on ahead of the team so he can get a good night's rest. Can you get him on a jet to San Francisco tomorrow morning?"

It took a little doing, but Leo managed it. And a good thing, too, because the Hemus strategy was destined to pay off. Jackson went the route against the Giants at Candlestick Park and beat them 7-3.

Meanwhile, back in Chicago, Sportswriter Neal Russo had rejoined the team. He was wearing the gravy-colored tie presented to him by Secretary Ward on behalf of the players, who conceived the gift as a satiric comment on Russo's unfortunate habit of spilling soups and sauces on his shirtfront. The gag misfired a little because Russo declared the tie to be the best and the most becoming he had ever owned. That evening Business Manager Routzong gave a small dinner party at Mister Kelly's and the floor show was a corker.

The Cards got bombed in the second game 10-1. Secretary Ward collected the getaway money from Secretary Bob Lewis of the Cubs, and Property Man Butch Yatkeman got equipment loaded on the trucks in jig time. The players boarded the bus for O'Hare airport, and at the start of the trip there was dead silence for a while. Nobody really felt bad, but it is not at all seemly to appear cheerful after a 10-1 shellacking.

After about an hour on the highway it became clear that something had gone wrong. The trip from the city to the airport ordinarily takes 55 minutes. Nobody said anything for a while. Twenty minutes went by. Then a player called out: "Hey, driver! Shouldn't we be coming into Frisco about now?"

The driver tried to laugh it off. Then, realizing that he had wandered far off course, he began to panic a little, stopping the bus to shout to pedestrians, "Hey, Mac! Where's O'Hare Airport?"

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