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October 03, 1960
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October 03, 1960

Events And Discoveries Of The Week

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Golf courses, for some deep, primordial reason, bring out the wildest side of men. The latest exposition of this axiom comes from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, where all this week the boys were racing around the course swinging their three-irons. Their special game goes as follows: There are 12 on a side, all using three-irons. There is one ball. The first "golfer" tees off. Far down the fairway, the second golfer watches the ball in flight, rushes to its landing place, gives it another swat down the fairway to a point where a third member of the team is waiting, three-iron poised. In this manner the ball is finally nudged into the cup, whereupon the golfer who holes out grabs the ball, rushes to the next tee and sends the ball whistling down the fairway to another golfer, etc., etc. The best score to date in Dawson Creek is 10 minutes and 48 seconds for a nine-hole course.


A Kansas City sports editor came back from lunch one day last week to find the following note from the switchboard operator:

"Your friend Pete called. He wanted to know the final score of the game between East Texas State and Abbe Lane Christian."


?Behind Jack Kramer's announcement of an all-pro Kramer Cup is a vast impatience with the failure of amateurs to establish open tennis. Kramer's competition will begin on an international basis next year.

?Baseball cynics accuse Gillette of forcing unneeded travel days into this year's World Series in order to insure a Sunday game and a big viewing audience. Commissioner Ford Frick insists that the real reason is to avoid the confusion caused by rushing from city to city overnight.

?Jamin, the French trotter and consumer of artichokes, has now developed a taste for grapes. Trainer Jean Riaud will bring along a shipment when Jamin heads for Yonkers Raceway next week.

? San Francisco Giants' stockholders may be leading the league financially. Back in the Polo Grounds days, they collected an annual dividend of about $5 a share; this year they'll make close to $25.

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