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October 17, 1960
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October 17, 1960

Events And Discoveries Of The Week

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Last week, when Nakabe's junk finally came in, the Whales led a victory snake dance from their home town of Kawasaki into downtown Tokyo. In the evening the players were feted at Tokyo's Grand Hotel (majority stockholder: the Taiyo Whaling Co.). Fifteen gorgeous geishas sashayed around in kimonos, opening beer bottles for the glorious players, and Kenkichi Nakabe stood on tiptoe behind a big victory cake, a three-foot bronze cup and a microphone. His speech was admirably short: "The team has shown a fine effort in winning the pennant under your good coach, Mihara." Then he moved shyly among the crowd, bowing and shaking hands, while the band played a discreet, congratulatory cha-cha-cha.


?It has been (and will be) denied, but Forest Evashevski has selected his successor as Iowa football coach for next season. The choice: Jerry Burns, 33, backfield coach and, like Evashevski, a football alumnus of the University of Michigan.

?Preparing for the game against the Chicago Bears, Baltimore Colts' Coach Weeb Ewbank diagrammed 84 ways that Bear Linebacker Bill George moves on defense, drilled his team on each of them.

?The NCAA is seeking opinions from member schools on stricter recruiting and financial aid regulations. Probable result: a tightening of rules concerning visits by prospective athletes to college campuses.

?American compact cars have hit the French auto industry hard, with imports off 50%. Renault President Pierre Dreyfus noted American plans to export compacts, swore he would "fight back without mercy."

?At least two major league scouts have their eyes on Isaiah "Fireball" Jackson, 21-year-old pitcher who won 18 and lost three for the Kansas State Penitentiary Red Sox. Jackson is serving a 10-to-21-year term for robbery, will be eligible for spring training in 1963.

? Horace Stoneham may or may not hire a new manager, but he definitely is going to mend his fences. Those in left and left-center field at San Francisco's Candlestick Park will be moved in next year to give Giant sluggers like Mays and Cepeda a better chance to conquer the winds.

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