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October 31, 1960
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October 31, 1960

Events And Discoveries Of The Week

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?Promoter Jack Kramer is planning a little post-Christmas surprise for the USLTA: as soon as Davis Cup play is completed (Dec. 28), Kramer will offer Barry MacKay and Earl (Butch) Buchholz professional tennis contracts ($50,000 each for three years). Kramer feels the failure of the International Lawn Tennis Federation to authorize open tennis has freed him of any responsibility to "protect" the amateur game.

?Good bet for manager of the Chicago Cubs is 31-year-old Elvin Tappe, once an obscure catcher with the club and now one of its coaches. Tappe has survived three managerial changes, might not balk at the new Cub policy of front-office control.

? Houston is now virtually sealed off to National Football League expansion. Bud Adams, president of Houston's AFL Oilers, has joined the group that controls the new stadium, and all prospective tenants will have to deal with him.

?Tired of pro basketball's tough travel schedule, Celtic Coach Red Auerbach is expected to resign after this season to devote full time to his duties as general manager. Auerbach's successor: Bob Cousy.

?Worried over spotty attendance, American Football League owners will cut ticket prices, which now range up to $7.50 for an air-conditioned box seat in Houston. Said Oakland Owner Don Blessing: "It's obvious that people are not going to pay the same price to see our team play as they pay to see the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL."

Navy's football team has given up girls, and that's one of the reasons the team is undefeated and untied through six games. So says Coach Wayne Hardin. "The kids are willing to pay the price of winning," he says. "They've vowed not to party until after we've played Army. There was a big social function after the Washington game. There were sorority girls there. The boys just said, 'How do you do?' and that was it. Last year at Penn they threw us a big party with models; it was great. They wanted to do the same after Saturday's game with Penn, but our kids said they didn't want any part of it." The faint rumbling you hear from the direction of Annapolis is John Paul Jones turning over in his crypt.


Dr. Peter V. Karpovich of Springfield College, premier researcher in the physiology of athletes, believes that some sports performances can be predicted scientifically. In 1958 he said that the weight-lifting record for the 148-pound class was too low and predicted that the new record would be 866.6 pounds. Later that year, a Russian broke the record with 865.5 pounds.

Dr. Karpovich's prediction formula for weight lifting is:

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