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Events and Discoveries of the Week
November 07, 1960
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November 07, 1960

Events And Discoveries Of The Week

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Governor Ernest Hollings of South Carolina, on a recent trip up North, was introduced to a New York executive. "Oh yes," said the New Yorker, "you're Bobby Richardson's governor." ...

In an aside at a Maryland racing hearing, Larry MacPhail—the man who brought lights into baseball—said they should be taken out. It was "a helluva mistake," mourned MacPhail, to put baseball into nocturnal competition with harness racing and television....

Ex-ballplayer and current broadcaster Joe Garagiola, speaking at the Topps Chewing Gum lunch in New York for rookie baseball stars, recalled Branch Rickey's antipathy to the term "knockdown pitch." In deference to Owner Rickey, said Garagiola, "we called it the purpose pitch. The purpose was to separate the batter's head from his shoulders." ...

Hydroplane Driver Mira Slovak, battered in a spectacular crash last summer (SI, Aug. 22), is prepping for the climactic Gold Cup race next week. "I have heard," said Slovak, "that a bad spill gives you a mental block. Maybe so, but so far I am laughing." ...

Frank Williams of Amherst, N.Y., moping home from a no-strike evening of bowling, found a skunk in his yard. Irritably, Williams grabbed his bowling ball and let fly. Result: a clean strike and one dead skunk.

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