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February 27, 1961
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February 27, 1961


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Berry, on the ropes of logic and economics, could only say that the people of Texas should be given a chance to vote on his measure anyway. The consensus is that Dr. Smith won a round but that Rep. Berry may win the battle. Passer-by and telephone polls show a heavy majority in favor of pari-mutuel betting. But Texas has plenty of blue noses and they are still to be counted.


Two college basketball coaches sat in the bar of a Washington, D.C. hotel the other night discussing the thoroughness of modern recruiting.

"In the past year I wrote 472 high school basketball players east of the Mississippi and watched 150 of them in action," said one coach. "Yes," said the other, "and I'll bet I know every one of them."

There followed, across three Martinis, a new parlor game called Guess the Player:

Coach A: "A blond 6-foot 7-inch center from West Flushing High, N.Y.?"

Coach B: "His hook shot is no good."

Coach A: "A left-handed forward from Lower Coalminia, Pa.?"

Coach B: "He's only making D-plus in English. We couldn't get him in."

Coach A: "A quick little Irish guard from Corn River Falls, Ind.?"

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