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May 22, 1961
Gold-striped pants, lime sweat shirts, and face masks that wrap around like windshields—all are found in this guide to beach garments and gadgets
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May 22, 1961


Gold-striped pants, lime sweat shirts, and face masks that wrap around like windshields—all are found in this guide to beach garments and gadgets

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The beaches along the eastern seaboard will be open for the season on the Memorial Day weekend, and the shops are ready to meet just about any need a beach-goer might have.

The No. 1 item for men this summer is the sweat shirt, as a pullover for after-swim and after-sundown wear. A rich variety of colors and cuts is available. Activair, for example, is making them in citrus greens and oranges, as well as blue and navy, and the ribbed knit at neck, sleeve and waistband is sturdy and lasting. The girls are buying them as fast as the boys are—from George Stinch-field's, in Edgartown and Nantucket, and Whitehouse & Hardy, New York City, $6.

While the ladies are having their fashionable fling with beach dresses this season (see SPORTING LOOK) the men can indulge a taste for color with beach pants like those shown here: bold orange (this summer's hot color), green, red and golden vertical-striped cotton hop-sacking, cut with trim legs, self-fabric waistband, slash pockets. They are made by S.I.R. and cost $15 at Breidbart's, New York City. They should be worn without cuffs or socks.

A new men's beach shoe, called Jags, is natural straw combined with leather—and resembles those popular slip-ons from Capri. Whitehouse & Hardy carries them in New York City, for $11.

Another no-nonsense man's beach shirt is copied from the tennis sweater—but in absorbent stretch terry cloth. It comes in white with navy piping at the V neck, in white with red and gold with red. It's available at Mark, Fore and Strike, Florham Park, New Jersey, for $5.

Still another men's beach pullover—the pullover is obviously the thing—is a sweat shirt made of lustrous cotton velour, by Izod, in gold, blue, black, white and beige. One we like particularly has a zipper closing and a collar. It's $9, at De Pinna.

Galleria, 143 East 54th Street, New York City, has men's cotton shorts cut just like basketball trunks. They come in white with orange stripes down the side and around the legs, in blue with gold, and red with gold, have a half belt and metal buckle and cost $7.

A very practical garment for those who swim after the sun goes down and later need a warmer is a gym suit from Alex Taylor's Sport Shop, consisting of a hooded sweat-shirt top, sweat pants bottom. Men's sizes come in gray only; boys' in navy and gray. The cost is $2.75 for the shirt, $3 for the trousers.

A valuable piece of equipment for youngsters is a good old-fashioned, puncture-proof kapok-filled life vest. Nervous parents can relax when the kids are wearing these. The best vests have adjustable straps and are free enough in fit not to annoy or encumber the most active child. Most important of all, they will turn the child head-up, no matter how he goes in the water. The one illustrated is $5.50 at F.A.O. Schwarz. There's nothing encumbering about the elasticized bikini either. It's of nylon knit, in tots' sizes, in red-and-white check, for $3.95, at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The child here is playing with one of the most fascinating of this year's beach toys—a set of French-made plastic molds which form elaborate crenelated castles in the sand. The set with four molds and digging gear is $7 at F.A.O. Schwarz.

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