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September 11, 1961
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September 11, 1961


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?Former Olympic Skating Champion Carol Heiss has been put on the back shelf by 20th Century-Fox. Her first film, Snow White and the Three Stooges , was not the success at the box office that Fox had hoped for. Executives feel that the Stooges drew just as many people, if not more, than Carol.


Harry Wismer is a man who is willing to throw his money, his weight and even his very voice into getting the American Football League off the ground. Last year he challenged the NFL's New York Giants to a game with his AFL Titans and was refused. Nothing daunted, he reissued the needling challenge last week.

"I believe that the Giants are afraid of the Titans," said Wismer. "I don't care whether the game is played at the Polo Grounds, our home park, or at Yankee Stadium, their home park. I will personally put up the 535,000 necessary to keep my club around for an extra week at the end of the season to meet the Giants. I think that if the Giants are willing to play, every bit of money taken in should go to the Jewish, Catholic and Protestant charities. The Titans can beat the Giants, and I am willing to pay to prove it. The NFL has always maintained that it is superior, but looking back at the records, the NFL was claiming that back in the late '40s when the All-America Football Conference was playing. Well, the Cleveland Browns came out of the AAFC and won the NFL championship the first year, and then won division championships for the next five years. Why won't the Giants play us? Arc they afraid of us?"

The next move is up to the Giants. If they play and beat the Titans, they will hush Wismer's shouts. For a day or so, anyway.


The world's best soccer team, Real Madrid of Spain, played last week in Los Angeles, and if they never played there again nobody could blame them.

There was no doubt about the result of their game with Los Angeles United; the Spanish team won 9-0 and could have made it twice that bad. But the promoter was even more inept than the L.A. team. When the public arrived, the only programs available were replates of team listings printed in the Los Angeles Examiner, which not only failed to give the starting lineups but also left out player numbers. Up until the day before the game, no one could decide on the dimensions of the playing field, and only by searching through some trash were goal posts found. Advertisements stating that high school students would be admitted for 75� were printed, but no such tickets turned up until game time. There was no one to operate a scoreboard, until a groundskeeper took over the chore when the game was 20 minutes old. Outside of that, everything was A-OK.


Some athletes are ready for glory before glory is ready for them. Two such are Baltimore's Jim Gentile and Detroit's Rocky Colavito. They are enjoying the best seasons of their careers, but everybody is looking the other way at a couple of players named Mantle and Maris.

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