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October 16, 1961
VAS YOU EFER?Sirs:Your Mr. Cave had better find one or crawl back to the woodwork (Everything Came Up Red Roses, Oct. 2). He may not be interested, but the story goes that on the night that the Reds clinched the pennant a fierce-eyed, shaggy-haired genie suddenly appeared on one of those "weird" slopes down in little old Crosley Field. As the genie scuffed his way to the top he was heard to say:
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October 16, 1961

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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I would like to refute your statement that Ole Miss is too big for the teams that they play (Rebel Yell for 1961, Oct. 2), and I would also like to protest the injustice done to the northern college teams.

America's best football is played by teams outside the southern sections of the U.S. Last year, Michigan, which finished far down in the Big Ten Conference, played Duke and slaughtered them 31-6. Duke merely counted this in their slim loss column (7-3) and went on to high national rankings, while Michigan went on to a very unranked mediocre season. Mississippi, generally ranked No. 3 in postseason polls, coasted to a 10-0-1 record last year, getting fat off the offerings of the likes of Chattanooga and Houston, teams which the Big Ten wouldn't schedule as breathers. In fact, for breathers, the Big Ten often schedules teams from the rough, tough South, such as Duke.

By all this, I don't mean to discredit such great southern players as Pros Phil King, Charlie Conerly or Bart Starr.
White Bear, Minn.

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