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October 30, 1961
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October 30, 1961


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And a grand day it was when Stanley Matthews decided to go on playing.


Hollywood Strongman Jack Walsh needed publicity to puff up his new series of films for kids (he'll play "The Mighty Mr. Atom"). He pointed out that he had singlehandedly demolished a building, lifted an elephant and held back a revved-up DC-3. That's fine, the press said, but what have you done for us lately?

Well, Walsh announced through his press agent, he would fight a bull barehanded—and to the death—at Tijuana's Plaza Monumental. The drums went boom and the cymbals clanged; sports editors were alerted; the population of Tijuana began choosing sides. Walsh proclaimed that he would dispatch the bull with a Karate blow to the back of the neck, or maybe by a quick elbow, or something. A 1,000-pound fighting bull was made ready. But at the appointed time the ring was only half full: Tijuanans didn't believe Hollywood's Samson was the real McCoy from Gaza. They were right. He didn't show.


?Relations between Kansas City A's Owner Charles O. Finley and members of the staff of the Kansas City Star (circulation 337,482) have become so strained that no A's official will communicate with any Star reporter. The Star is using only brief A.P. dispatches about off-season Athletic doings.

?Departure of star Halfback Paul Hornung for the Army will dim the Green Bay Packers' championship prospects hardly at all. It will remove the pass-run option from the Packers' offense and cost the team its best place kicker. But there will be little loss in over-all power.

?Although bookmakers lost money last year on fixed basketball games, the big books will take basketball action again this year.

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