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November 13, 1961
FRANK TALKSirs:Thanks for Ray Cave's wonderful article on my favorite team, the Philadelphia Warriors, my favorite player, Wilt Chamberlain, and now, I guess, my favorite coach, Frank McGuire (McGuire Raises a Standard, Oct. 30).CLIFFORD WERNERState College, Pa.
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November 13, 1961

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Please! Please! Please! No more stories of any kind on the phonies from Mississippi. What you are doing is leading some people to believe that Mississippi could defeat Michigan State, Iowa, Ohio State, Minnesota or Michigan. And this the entire world knows is a damn lie, Sun!
San Jose, Calif.

In "Sin of Excellence" (SCORECARD, Oct. 30) you report that New Trier High School has been placed on probation because its swimmers continued to practice after their regular season had ended. As a college swimmer, I feel that the superintendents of the Suburban League are doing a gross injustice not only to New Trier but to American swimming as a whole. It is boys like Fred Schmidt and his New Trier teammates who will keep the United States the greatest swimming power in the world. But if high school swimmers are refused the right to test their ability against others in competition on a national level, what incentive will there be for them to continue?
Easton, Pa.

"Sin of Excellence" points up some rather peculiar thinking about swimmers on the part of school superintendents in suburban Chicago. However, you have to go a long way to beat the State of Minnesota's High School League's attitude toward basketball players. Last March the league declared the whole Roosevelt High basketball team of Minneapolis ineligible on the eve of the state tournament because two of the team's substitute members had participated the previous spring in a postseason "all-star" game composed of church teams.

As if this weren't enough, these righteous moralists compounded their nonsense by forbidding any high school athlete to view a professional football game as a guest of the Viking management because "the rules forbid any such athlete from accepting awards in excess of $1, excluding trophies and emblems, etc."

When the boys have graduated and find they have to subscribe to season tickets for booster clubs and the like because of pressure from business associates it will be time enough to penalize them for their enjoyment of sports, not when they are in their teens and formulating attitudes toward authority.
St. Paul

Winnetka, Ill

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