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Happy table talk in Hawaii
Charles Goren
November 20, 1961
Bridge proved itself a successful spectator sport in Honolulu last month. More than 1,500 spectators watched a three-session match between Hawaii's top players and a mainland team that I had the honor to captain.
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November 20, 1961

Happy Table Talk In Hawaii

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And so it proved. South was able to trump a club in dummy and, after knocking out the ace of hearts, discard the remaining club loser on one of dummy's high diamonds. At the other table, however, when the Islanders held the North-South hands, South, after his partner's rebid of one spade, elected to call three hearts, and North was content to raise to four. North contended, in mild South Pacific tones, that partner might have taken further action, and South insisted that North should have taken a more vigorous step than a mere raise to four hearts. This is all quite vague. Frankly, I think our bidding method was more precise in the exchange of information. The same 12 tricks were made, but the 750 slam bonus was worth 13 IMPs to the Mainlanders.

Paint your distribution clearly when you are sure you have time to complete the picture before the bidding ends.

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