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November 27, 1961
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November 27, 1961


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Bill Corriere of Easton, Pa. went out to Colorado to hunt big game. Working near the center fork of the Little Snake River, he spotted a big buck deer and dropped the animal with a single shot. Corriere had just begun to dress out the deer when what should blunder into sight but a large elk. He dispatched it immediately with another shot. This presented a major problem: How could Corriere possibly get all that meat back to camp? Off he went to round up some pack horses. He returned later only to find a cinnamon bear nibbling at the deer carcass. Corriere promptly made it three for three.

All of which is far better than what happened to another hunter in Smyrna Mills, Me. Heading through a field near his house, he spotted what he thought was a partridge. His shot was perfectly placed, but the partridge turned out to be his cat.


?To help confuse Heavyweight Champion Floyd Patterson, Peter Fuller, the millionaire manager of contender Tom McNeeley, has bought up all the films of McNeeley's previous fights. The main effect of this maneuver, some people feel, will be to safeguard Patterson from overconfidence.

?The American Football League plans to revise its schedule next year to avoid competing with televised NFL games. The Buffalo Bills may shift their 1962 games to Saturday nights. The New York Titans will play at home on the same dates as the Giants to avoid the TV competition.

? National Hockey League President Clarence Campbell is trying to get NHL teams to stop competing with each other for young prospects. The Boston Bruins recently outbid the Montreal Canadiens by going to $10,000 for a junior prospect. Campbell believes that paying big bonuses will raise league costs.

?Watch for other cities besides Omaha to bump into attendance troubles in the new National Bowling League. Fresno is currently attracting an average of only 350 per game. But Detroit, with an average of 1,315, Dallas, with an average of 1,145 per game, and Fort Worth, with an average of 1,067, are drawing well in the 10-team league.

?Probably the first college football coach to be fired will be Jim Myers at Texas A&M. His teams have won only five Southwest Conference games in four seasons. Likely replacement is Jim Owens, a former Aggie assistant coach and currently the coach at Washington.

Back in the bad old days, a bowling alley was a bowling alley and a lady wouldn't be found dead near one. Then came a big advertising campaign by the equipment manufacturers, aimed at giving bowling a new image (and one which it deserved). Bowling alleys became bowling lanes, and pretty ladies with high-society names were pictured enjoying themselves on them. The newest phase of this campaign is now upon us: henceforth, the gutters are to be called "channels." The word "gutter" is considered beneath the dignity of the game. So remember, bowlers, when you throw that sphere down the lane, try to keep it out of the channels—and, if you fail, please refrain from using any channel language.


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