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Gilbert Wheat
November 20, 1961
In November of a year-long voyage through the South Pacific, Author Gilbert Wheat and five others—Co-captain Hank Taft, Crewmen Dick Sargent, Juanito Bugue�o, Jack Smith and Eduard Ingris—left Tahiti aboard the ketch "Blue Sea" Their destination, 1,200 miles to the southeast, was Pitcairn Island, a forbidding mound of rock inhabited by 150 persons, most of them descended from the men who seized and destroyed history's most famous ship, H.M.S. "Bounty." There is no harbor on Pit cairn, no dock, no hotel, not even a store; yet for 170 years this tiny island has supported an independent and—surprisingly—puritanical community. On page 45 Wheat begins the story of his visit with these fascinating people, the true inheritors of the mutiny on the "Bounty."
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November 20, 1961

Legacy Of The Bounty

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"Well, from 7 in the morning till 2 in the afternoon, with an hour off for breakfast at 11, all the men do public work.... The town council decides what work to do."

"Our council," said Parkin, "means a magistrate, like John over there. He's on for three years. Then we have a chief of police—that's Floyd McCoy, the man who piloted your ship to anchor—and two assessors."

"And a chairman for internal affairs," Fred added. "When we ring the bell in the square, public work starts."

Theo Young's wife, Lila, and her two children, Nola and Bary, stood in the doorway of their simple wood house watching us come up the path. It was the first Lila knew about Theo bringing home a guest. Everything, however, seemed prearranged. Jack walked on with John Christian to his house and Eduard walked on with Herman Schubert toward the schoolhouse.

Once in Lila's kitchen, Theo thought I should be fed.

"The Cap's been on canned stuff since Tahiti," he told Lila.

Lila nodded and began to boil potatoes and fry bananas over a wood-fire stove. Nola set the table, and Theo beckoned me out to the back door.

"Come and get a wash down," he said. "Wait in the bathhouse and I'll get hot water."

He closed me in a wooden hut and returned with a bucket of water and a towel. "You'll want some fresh duds, too."

I came back to the kitchen still unshaven but clean. I wore Theo's pants, socks and a white shirt. The door opened and a man came in and sat at the table. He nodded to the Youngs and to me and spread jam on a piece of bread.

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