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A roundup of the sports information of the week
December 18, 1961
BASEBALL—NEW YORK METS, continuing their pursuit of available name players, bought Richie Ashburn, the 1958 National League batting champion, from the Chicago Cubs for a reported $75,000.
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December 18, 1961

A Roundup Of The Sports Information Of The Week

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TENNIS—ROD LAVER broke Roy Emerson's serve in the fourth set, won the Victorian Men's singles championship 4-6, 8-6, 9-7, 6-3 at Melbourne. The loss may cost Emerson the No. 2 singles position for the Davis Cup Challenge Round later in the month against Italy.

Australia's MARGARET SMITH defeated Darlene Hard 6-3, 6-3 to win the women's singles title. It was the third consecutive time Miss Smith had beaten the U.S. champion.

TRACK & FIELD—WILLIAM R. PECK won the Western Hemisphere Marathon at Culver City, Calif., covering the 26-mile course in two hours 26 minutes 19 seconds. Frank Muller of Glendale ( Calif.) College was second, and Ed Duncan of Bridgeport, Conn. was third.

MILEPOSTS—RETIRED—TONY BROOKS, 29, Britain's distinguished racing driver, because of increased family responsibilities. In 10 years of racing he has won the German, French, Italian, British and European Grand Prix. Brooks is quitting, he says, "before I push my luck."

FIRED—DALE HALL, 37-year-old coach of the U.S. Military Academy football team, despite an acceptable three-year record of 16-11-2 and another year to run on his contract. Army's failure to beat Navy during Hall's tenure was undoubtedly the principal cause of his dismissal.

DIED—EMIL E. FUCHS, former New York police court magistrate and owner of the Boston Braves from 1923 to 1935, in Boston. Judge Fuchs was a pioneer in baseball promotions. He was instrumental in having Sunday baseball legalized in Massachusetts, and was an early advocate of knothole gangs and ladies' day programs. In 1935 he hired Babe Ruth, who had been released by the Yankees, to serve as player, assistant manager and vice-president of the Braves. In spite of his efforts, however, the Braves went into bankruptcy that same year, and Fuchs lost the club to the late Charles F. Adams for a reported $200,000.

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