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January 22, 1962
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January 22, 1962


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? Bobby Mitchell, traded from the Cleveland Browns to the Washington Redskins of the National Football League, will be one of the biggest moneymakers in the league. In addition to his salary Mitchell has a five-year contract as public relations man for Pepsi-Cola and will get a radio announcer's job on a Washington station.

? Wayne Hardin, Navy's football coach, believes that the National Conference, first suggested in 1959, may become a reality this fall. Teams proposed are Notre Dame, Army, Navy, Pittsburgh, Penn State, Syracuse, UCLA, USC, Stanford, Washington and Washington State.

?The Chicago Bears of the National Football League grossed more money ($1,223,233) from paid admissions in seven home appearances than baseball's Chicago Cubs were able to gross in 66 home days ($1,058,433).

?The New York Yankees, who move their spring training camp from St. Petersburg to Fort Lauderdale this season, already have sold 375 season tickets (covering 15 exhibition games) at $45 each.


As every college man knows, the worst bunch of cubes on campus are the independents. They don't get into fraternities. Frankly, they just don't fit in—black, leather-soled shoes and those incredible ties. Or, worse yet, they don't want to get in. All this nonsense about eating lunch with Vietnamese transfer students. It's hard to understand, and they think it proves something. God knows what.

Anyway, the worst thing happened at the University of Nevada recently. The independents won the intramural athletic trophy. "Everybody was shocked that they won," said Dr. Art Broten, chairman of the university's phys ed department.

Actually, it wasn't so much them winning as how to give them the trophy. Obviously they couldn't go to the inter-fraternity dinner, which is where the trophy is usually given out. Dr. Broten finally gave it to them at some sports writers' meeting.

Actually, when you look at it, it's probably not too bad that they got it this one time. But the thing now is, how on earth to get it back? "The independents have 500 students they can draw from," says Broten, "whereas each fraternity only has a few." That sounds bad, but as Dr. Broten says, "There's really no worry because the independents are just that. They don't need the prestige and won't fight as hard as the fraternities."


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