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February 19, 1962
WIND IN THE OPENSirs: Bill Talbert has designed five exceptionally intelligent and concrete proposals for the growth of American tennis (Open Letter to the USLTA, Feb. 5).
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February 19, 1962

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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2) Grip putter with left arm straight and firm, with left thumb on top of shaft.

3) Turn chin to right, with eyes perpendicular to ball.

4) Grip right hand over left so that groove fits into left thumb joint with reverse grip.

5) Exhaust air from lungs.

6) Move hands forward an inch to bring putter low on backstroke.

7) Bring club back with short swing, keeping wrists firm.

8) Follow through for about four to eight inches, depending on length of putt.

9) Hit the ball not longer than six seconds after you have decided the line.

10) Don't look at hole again until you have made the stroke, as more putts are missed by looking up too soon and too often than for any other reason.
Intercollegiate Champion 1910
Santa Barbara, Calif.

?For word from another champion on what to do when you reach the next tee, see page 35.—ED.

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