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February 19, 1962
A boxing quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of the casual fan and the armchair expert
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February 19, 1962

Point Of Fact

A boxing quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of the casual fan and the armchair expert

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? Has any fighter fought in all eight weight divisions?

?Yes, Georges Carpentier. He started his career as an amateur flyweight in 1906 and by 1911 had worked his way up to the welterweight championship of Europe. For two years (1920-22) he was world light-heavyweight champion.

? What was the greatest weight difference between fighters in a championship fight?

?On March 1, 1934 Tommy Loughran, the former light-heavyweight champion, fought Primo Camera for the heavyweight championship. Loughran weighed 184 pounds and Camera 270, a difference of 86 pounds. Camera retained his title by a decision in 15 rounds.

? When was the first championship fight broadcast?

?On July 2, 1921 the heavyweight title fight between Jack Dempsey and Georges Carpentier at Boyle's Thirty Acres in Jersey City was broadcast by New York Station WEAF. The announcer was Major Andrew White. The first fight of any kind to be broadcast over the radio was a preliminary between Packcy O'Gatty and Frankie Burns on the same card. The first championship fight to be televised was the Willie Pep-Chalky Wright featherweight bout at Madison Square Garden on Sept. 29, 1944.

? What fighter participated in the most title bouts?

? George Dixon fought in 33 championship lights. He won the bantamweight title in 1890, challenged for it twice and defended it twice. He also won the featherweight title two times (1891 and 1898). He defended it 25 times and challenged for it once (1901) in a boxing career that extended from 1886 to 1906.

? Henry Armstrong was the only fighter ever to hold three championships simultaneously. What were they?

? Armstrong won the featherweight title on Oct. 29, 1937, when he knocked out Petey Sarron in the sixth round. He became welterweight champion on May 31, 1938, when he defeated Barney Ross in 15 rounds, and in his next fight, on Aug. 17, won the lightweight title by decisioning Lou Ambers in 15 rounds. He also challenged for the middleweight championship but was held to a draw-by Ceferino Garcia on March 1, 1940. Armstrong relinquished his featherweight title in December 1938, when he couldn't make the weight. He lost his lightweight title to Ambers on Aug. 22, 1939, and his welterweight title to Fritzie Zivic on Oct. 4, 1940. Both lights were 15-round decisions. Between 1937 and 1940 Armstrong won 46 straight bouts, and in his pro career (1931-45) he knocked out 97 of his 177 opponents.

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