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How to Approach a Dock
William Collins
May 21, 1962
(heavy arrows show wind and current)
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May 21, 1962

How To Approach A Dock

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(heavy arrows show wind and current)

With wind or current on stern, make a 180� turn, bringing bow into weather, with a narrow angle between boat and dock. Secure bowline first; then let stern drift in.

With wind coming off dock, approach at wide angle and secure bowline. Then ease ahead, with rudder turned away from dock; stern will gradually be drawn in.

When wind blows onto dock, bring bow up (top), let wind lay boat against dock; or (bottom) drop bow anchor, ease boat back till stern line can be secured.

With breeze dead ahead, move in parallel to dock, gradually slowing engine and letting weather act as additional brake. Make fast bowline, then get stern line out.

In heavy weather, if windward dock is unavoidable, use two anchors. Set stern anchor, move ahead to set bow anchor, then let wind carry boat into berth.