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June 25, 1962
FOOTPRINTS ON THE SANDSSirs:Congratulations on the full-page shot of Oakmont's 5th hole in your U.S. Open preview (June 11).
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June 25, 1962

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Congratulations on the full-page shot of Oakmont's 5th hole in your U.S. Open preview (June 11).

I have framed it.
New York City

Your cover on the Oakmont Ogre must have given nightmares to most of the golfers of the country. Even the footprints in the sand make you shudder (see right).

The player entering at the lower left apparently has already shot but blithely walks across to the far side to get out. The one from the center bottom angles to his ball and then meanders across future lines of flight to the exit most convenient to the green. The other unfortunate entering at the bottom did not take the shortest way out, but at least he left a few less tracks.

Joe Duffer, who entered at the right, close to his ball, took too much sand, walked straight to his second chance and then out the nearest way. The magician who hit from the center apparently got, out at the first scalable level, but how did he get in? If he landed by helicopter why didn't he leave the same way?

How many following players who joined these clowns at the 19th hole later cursed their luck at having had to play a bad lie left by walkers who had added to the nightmare?
New York City

I should have liked to forget the Paul Dietzel affair altogether, but I realized that sooner or later truth would out (Pepsodent Paul at the Point, May 28; 19TH HOLE, June 11, 18). As a member of the Board of Supervisors (Regents) of Louisiana State University for the past 22 years, I want now to dispel once and for all the idea that we wanted to keep Dietzel as a coach at LSU. As an object lesson, I was in favor of paying him off for the remainder of his contract and not allowing him to come on the field. I was opposed to retaining him under any circumstances.

What I objected to was the cavalier manner in which he and West Point treated LSU. His untruths and half-truths are showing up, and I predict that West Point will find that expediency, in an all-out effort to beat Navy, is a rather poor policy. Nobody "trapped" Dietzel into making his famous statement about never leaving LSU. He admitted that he was in touch with West Point even before he made this statement.

Mr. Dietzel's recent brush with two very fine coaches, Messrs. Marvin Bass and Frank Howard, over causing some young men to jump their letters of intent, shows that the great Paul has little regard for the sanctity of agreement or the influence such action would have on the boy himself. He says he acted within the law, but that is beside the point. His published statement that athletics at the Point are supported by gate receipts I believe an investigation will prove to be untrue. It is absolutely true at LSU. Furthermore, I believe there is a fine group of officers at the Point who want to win, but who do not approve of winning at any price. I believe that Dietzel will collide head-on with this group sooner or later. More power to them!
New Orleans

I was disturbed by your article concerning Paul Dietzel and Army football because it again brought to light the emphasis put on football at West Point, which is a government-supported school whose primary purpose is to train officers.

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