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August 20, 1962
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August 20, 1962


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Last week we worried about track and field, a sport that is slightly schizophrenic because it has too much money to be amateur and not enough to be professional. This week we turn to college football, which has no such worries since it has plenty of money and is unquestionably amateur.

Two young Texas high school boys, Johnny Agan and Edwin Hall, showed up in Lubbock, Texas last week for a high school all-star football game. They were not well received because, after having signed letters of intent to go to Texas Tech in Lubbock, they reversed their fields and decided instead to go to the University of Oklahoma. Nor were Lubbock and Tech overly delighted to see the lads arrive in Agan's new Buick convertible, direct from Lake Tahoe, where they had spent the summer making as much as $188 a week as jackhammer operators. Both said that accepting Oklahoma football scholarships might possibly have had something to do with their getting the jobs. Their boss, they said, was Art Wood, a former Oklahoma City accountant who once refused for a time to let the NCAA see his books on an Oklahoma booster fund.

The boys were asked why they had changed their minds about going to Texas Tech.

"I didn't want to come to Tech in the first place," said Hall. "They talked me into it and I just changed my mind."

"I just decided I liked Oklahoma better," said Agan.

"I can't understand what all the fuss is about," Hall said. "All we did was change. Is there something wrong with that? We took some jobs at hard labor. Doesn't almost every school help its prospects get summer jobs? If you ask me, I'd say it's been blown up all out of proportion."


About the time he celebrated his 88th birthday recently, Sunny Jim Fitzsimmons walked down his shed row at New York's Belmont Park examining his stock the way a dedicated florist examines his orchids.

"Most of these horses," he said, "are good horses. That one there is Royal Record. Normally I don't run my horses on grass, but lately I've noticed that a good grass horse can pick up quite a bit of money. Royal Record has won three races for me on the grass this year.

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