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October 15, 1962
BROWN'S TENSirs:As an ardent Southwest Conference supporter, I was all set to dismiss Gwilyim Brown (Another Big Year in the Big Ten, Oct. 1) as just another Midwest sportswriter trying to prove an unprovable point. Then the scores of Nebraska-Michigan (25-13), Stanford-Michigan State (16-13) and Missouri-Minnesota (0-0) came in, and I could just see Mr. Brown wincing.
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October 15, 1962

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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The comment in BASEBALL'S WEEK (Oct. I): " Chicago came up with a nice new outfield...Danny Murphy (six straight hits), Billy Ott (his homer helped beat the Cardinals) and Nelson Mathews (his grand slam beat the Dodgers)" set me thinking. To wit:

At the end of the season, it is the practice of major league teams, especially those out of it all, to bring up promising rookie hopefuls for a look-see. This is a great idea—for the rookies. However, I question the fairness of this practice to others concerned. It seems fair enough for the also-rans to try out rookies when playing against fellow also-rans. They are just finishing the season like the schedule says, anyhow. But is it fair for rookie hopefuls (such as Murphy, Ott and Mathews) to demolish the Dodgers, who were having a tough time trying to win the pennant anyhow, or to beat the Cardinals who, at the time a rookie's homer beat them, had a chance mathematically, if not practically, to latch on to some World Series money?

I say no. When an also-ran plays a contending club it should go with the players it failed with all year.
Bellefontaine, Ohio

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