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Basketball's Week
Mervin Hyman
January 14, 1963
The final holiday tournaments ended last week, the big month of intersectional play was over and a few highly touted hotshot teams had to quietly tiptoe back home with eggnog on their faces. But by and large such familiar names as Cincinnati (No. 1, of course), Duke and Ohio State were arrayed in the top 10 and the season was following form. It was following form, that is, except for Loyola of Chicago, a sprawling institution on Chicago's North Side.
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January 14, 1963

Basketball's Week

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Form is a rare commodity at best in the Southwest Conference, and last week it was almost extinct. SMU was upset twice, Texas began to win after a frustrating December and Texas A&M , an unlikely preseason candidate, was tied with the Longhorns for first place. Arkansas was the first to tumble SMU, 73-71, then Baylor, even more unexpectedly, beat the Mustangs, 62-58. Texas put down Rice 54-49 and, when Arkansas tried to thwart the Longhorns with a late press, they dropped in nine free throws in the last five minutes to win, 69-63. Meanwhile, Texas A&M beat Baylor 80-54 and Texas Tech 60-53.

Arizona State survived a pair of close calls. Denver pulled the Sun Devils into overtime before losing, 79-72, and Texas Western gave them trouble until jumping Joe Caldwell bobbed up with enough points for a 63-60 victory. In between, New Mexico State succumbed easily enough, 87-60. Houston, back home in more friendly confines, beat Oklahoma City 91-80. The top three:

2. TEXAS A&M (9-2)


The results in the first week made it anybody's race in the Big Six, especially after Washington jolted highly favored UCLA twice at Seattle. The Huskies, setting and driving off tricky screens, defeated the Bruins 62-61 and 67-63. But California , an enigma last year, was acting like a champion. Led by Dick Smith's ball-stealing and jump shots and sophomore Danny Wolthers' consistent scoring, Cal stopped USC 72-65 and 78-70.

Oregon State's Slats Gill put 6-foot-7 Jim Kraus up front to help 7-foot Mel Counts with the rebounds, and Washington State rarely got the ball. Terry Baker did the quarterbacking, Counts most of the scoring and OSU beat State 74-47 and 61-50.

Utah State embarrassed old rival Utah 69-65 and Brigham Young 69-58, while Colorado State , although unable to stop Wyoming's brilliant Flynn Robinson, who scored 39 points, still defeated the Cowboys 91-70 and then Denver 76-65. The top three:

2. CALIFORNIA (10-2)
3. UCLA (10-4)

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