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January 28, 1963
SPELLBOUNDSirs:After reading Roy Terrell's delightful article about cruising in the Grenadines (Six Characters in Search of Summer, Jan. 21), I seriously question the author's sanity. Why would any man in his right mind ever want to return to New York City's 9-to-5 world after such a trip? If you value Terrell's services I suggest you keep an eye on him.
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January 28, 1963

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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What college athlete with any ability wishes to risk his chances to make the United States Olympic team by going against AAU policy?

What college athlete with any ability wishes to risk his chances of competing in an intercollegiate championship by running in an AAU-sanctioned meet?

The answer to both these questions is, emphatically, none!

With other countries threatening to take the crown of world track supremacy from our heads, it is no time to engage in a silly dispute over which group will back the United States Olympic group.
Brunswick, Me.

?For General Douglas MacArthur's solution and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S opinion, see page 5.—ED.


I have always been interested in reducing injuries in sport. A few years ago on TV I watched Howard (Hopalong) Cassady, then with the Detroit Lions, catch an over-the-shoulder pass in Baltimore. He then banged into the goalpost and bounced back, but held his feet and went over for the score.

In the accompanying sketch I offer an idea for flying aluminum goalposts supported by a movable steel base which would reduce the danger of injury and open up the end zone for both running and passing plays.

Please note that the steel base would be entirely behind the end zone, while the uprights above the horizontal bar would be suspended directly over the goal line.

As for postgame mob vandalism: the entire surface could be coated with a clean, heavy lubricant. If you think this idea has any merit and a manufacturer would fabricate it, I'd like to send 100% of any royalties to the Boston Jimmy Fund.

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