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February 18, 1963
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February 18, 1963


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"You've still got to bowl," Amburgey concedes. "It won't help you if the ball doesn't roll down there and hit the pocket. But I can guarantee to raise anyone's average. It just depends on how good a ball a person might have at the outset."

Amburgey tells how he experimented on 10 bowlers of assorted ability, including one beginner and one who hadn't bowled in six months.

"Last year," he says, "they bowled 17 300-games, either in league or match competition."

Amburgey charges a nominal $50 for the process. It takes about six hours to analyze a person's game, examine his old ball, then drill a new one to get the exact weight at a pinpointed location so that centrifugal force will take the correct course.

On what law of physics is the system based? Jay Dee isn't saying.


Bob Rosburg, who was PGA winner in 1959, got married two weeks ago in Palm Springs and, naturally, a lot of golfers were there. Something about the gathering, maybe too many people, was upsetting to Bob's little son by a previous marriage, Bruce, age 10. He burst into tears.

One of the guests took Bruce into an adjoining room, held him on his lap for 15 minutes, spoke soothing words and pretty well straightened everything out. The comforter: former President and still golfer, Dwight D. Eisenhower.


? Mississippi State will not go to the NCAA Mideast playoffs should it win the Southeastern Conference basketball championship. Wade Walker, Mississippi's athletic director, says: "There is an unwritten law here that state universities can't compete against athletic teams that include Negroes. We will continue to abide by that law."

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