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August 26, 1963
VIVA VANDERBILTSirs:Congratulations to Alfred Wright for his splendid article on Alfred Vanderbilt (Vanderbilt vs. Racing's Establishment, Aug. 12). The prominence you have given Mr. Vanderbilt for his ability to take a stand against harmful trends in racing today and "the stifling atmosphere of all officialdom" is truly refreshing. It is too bad that, after he came back from active service in World War II, his old job at Belmont was not returned. It surely would have been better for all of us who have enjoyed good racing before and hope to again.MARGARET V. PERIN Baltimore
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August 26, 1963

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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The rules of golf have decided variations for medal play, match play and team match play. Wouldn't it make sense to devise for the weekend golfers a match-play handicap based on a player's average number of 1) birdies, 2) pars, 3) bogeys and 4) all other scores for the rounds on which the handicap is computed? It seems to me that such a weighting system could be devised that would be more equitable and appropriate for the weekend golfers for whom the concept of handicapping was devised. After all, medal tournaments are largely confined to the pros, and they play from scratch!
Harrison, N.Y.

Your Palmer series (My Game and Yours, July 15 et seq.) is great, I guess, but I am getting tired of having my golfing friends tell me how many strokes it has taken off their handicaps. I "reached within myself" for 18 holes, and all it got me was 106 instead of my usual 108. One of our club members hit a shot into the woods, "played it bold," and hasn't been seen for three days. I suppose, though, that Arnie is getting buried in mail from braggarts claiming their golf is now sensational. Just out of curiosity, what is the biggest claim of improvement he has received? Also, I always wondered what his handicap was when he was an amateur.
Chappaqua, N.Y.

?Golf teacher Palmer reports: "I have a letter from a man in Texas who claims he has improved 20 strokes after reading the first three parts of the series. Of course, he hadn't read the 'Be Bold' section yet. The year I played in amateur tournaments in Cleveland I gave scratch golfers four strokes."—ED.

My prior score—115; read lesson I—104; studied lessons II and III—97; memorized lessons IV and V—86. Merci, Arnold Palmer!
Oakland, Calif.

Re Fun On the Links (19TH HOLE, July 22, Aug. 5), I agree that Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cass and Mr. and Mrs. Al Hauptman have accomplished noteworthy hole-in-one feats. If I did not live in Olympia, Wash., I would probably consider that they had indeed set the records. However, the Olympia Country & Golf Club counts among its members a couple by the name of Taylor (Bill and Elsie). Bill has made four holes in one and Elsie has chalked up three. We in Olympia feel this is not only noteworthy, it is almost unbelievable.
Olympia, Wash.

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