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October 07, 1963
MR. MURPHY'S CHOWDERSirs: Myron Cope's article about Fido Murphy, Football's Greatest Scout (Sept. 30), reminds me of an incident attesting to the qualifications of another great scout: Campbell Dickson. Dickson was Princeton's end coach in the '30s, and a fine coach he was, as well as a truly fine gentleman. He was also Princeton's chief scout and was assigned the responsibility of following Columbia before the game that turned out to be the only one the Lions lost in 1933.
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October 07, 1963

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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The best surf fishing, out here at least, is done at night on an incoming tide. Consequently few of the listed sneerers are around.

The catch here along the southern California coast is mostly croaker, perch and corbina. Corbina are fighters and, pound for pound, are as much fun to catch as trout. I have seen them dance on their tails while pulling an eight-ounce sinker along.

As for the price quoted by your author, the sporting goods stores in this area will be glad to know they can ask $150 for a surf-fishing outfit. Most of us have about $25 invested. The gear for deep-sea fishing is much more expensive because it has to be quite substantial.

To be sure, there are times when a surf fisher will haul in only seaweed, but there are times when the trout fisher is blanked, too.

Surf fishing in this area has a hidden dividend, as well. Sometimes the grunion run, and the lucky surf fisherman gets first crack at them.
San Diego

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