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October 14, 1963
MISSING: $1.5 MILLIONThe Yankees were not the only ones to wind up on the losing end in the four-game rout by the Dodgers. As almost every fan must know by now, the players on the two Series teams share in the gate receipts for the first four games. What every fan may not know is that if the Series had gone a full seven games, the commissioner's office, the two league offices and the Dodger and Yankee owners would have made a whacking haul. But with the Series over in four, estimates are that the commissioner's office lost out on $222,000 and the two league offices $314,000 each. Del Webb and Dan Topping, the Yankee co-owners, and Walter O'Malley, the Dodger owner, also missed $314,000 rake-offs. Tears, anyone?
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October 14, 1963


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There, alas, he found the statues were too fat. "Venus de Milo," says Minns, "was a little hippy." After buying $100,000 worth of replicas, he suggested to the Italian sculptors that they slim Venus down to Dallas sylphdom—18 inches off the hips, 13 off the waist and maybe about 11 off the shoulders. "The rest of her," he airily told the Italians, "is O.K." While he was at it, he also suggested that the sculptors do some extensive remodeling of the Apollo Belvedere, David, Aphrodite, the Discobolus and the Three Muses.

The sculptors screamed about American lack of taste, sensitivity and soul and refused to lift a chisel. Equally indignant, Minns said Venus de Milo was a bad example for Dallas dames, and, besides, David did need that fig leaf. But the Italians still refused to make any alterations, and so Minns shipped the statues back to Dallas. There they stand, brass plates warning that their measurements are not recommended to patrons. Even in Texas, Minns is compelled to do as the Romans do.

Local sportswriters named Fred Brown, a University of Miami end, Florida lineman of the week for his play against Purdue. After seeing films of the game, Miami coaches demoted Brown to the second team.

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