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The lively style of Nippon
Charles Goren
October 14, 1963
En route to the Orient aboard the S.S. President Roosevelt along with several hundred people who have joined me in a six-week bridge cruise, I have been getting an advance line on the opposition we may expect when our ship's team plays matches against the top players of the Philippines and Japan. My source of information is the Bulletin of the Japan Contract Bridge League, published in Tokyo. The JCBL had exactly 400 members in July of this year, 127 of whom are non-Japanese. But it is patterned on our league in its award of Master Points and ranking of master players, and the standard of Asiatic bridge has been rising rapidly. It is only a question of time before Asian players win a place in the competition for the world championship.
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October 14, 1963

The Lively Style Of Nippon

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