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A Simple Way to Improve at Any Sport
Parke Cummings
December 02, 1963
I never saw a man who gets more fun out of sports participation than Tim Kellog. The thing is that Tim is always improving. This would not be so surprising if he were a lean kid of 17 or 18. But Tim Kellog is 64. What is more, while he is in pretty good shape for that age, I have seen men who are in better. The answer is that Tim has hit on a ridiculously simple system for improving, a sort of Kellog Plan for Improvement that we all might follow.
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December 02, 1963

A Simple Way To Improve At Any Sport

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And then? I can imagine Tim at 80. The rest of his old sports pals will either be dead or lamenting their long-lost skills. Not Tim. His voice will be a childish treble, but it will still be audible. I can hear him now:

"Well, I'm never going to make the Olympic team, but this decathlon business is fun. My improvement is sensational. Take the high jump. One foot 11 inches was the best I could do when I started jumping last month. I'm already up to two feet seven, and my coach says there is no reason why I can't hit three feet pretty soon if my arthritis doesn't act up. And the 100-meter dash. I admit 48.7 seconds might sound a little slow, but when you consider I couldn't break a minute a month ago...."

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