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Walter Bingham
December 09, 1963
All too often in recent years mechanical toys have tended to mimic atomic weapons or space vehicles. Therefore, it is pleasant to report an innovation—a trend, perhaps—for the 1963 Christmas season. Some of the best games being offered are mechanical miniatures, fully playable, of real-life sports or sporting situations.
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December 09, 1963

The Season To Be Merry

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In Tric-Trac you roll until you cannot play one (or both) of your dice. Remember that it is not necessary to roll the exact numbers you have left. If you have one, two, three and four remaining, and you roll a double five, that is splendid. Ten eliminates all your numbers (and you get double for that). But if you roll five and six, that's disastrous. You have no five, no six, no combination that makes 11. You're dead. But even so, have a Merry Christmas.

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