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February 24, 1964
THE FITZGERALD SYSTEMSirs: Gerald Holland's article on Fritz Crisler, the "inventor" of the two-platoon system (The Man Who Changed Football, Feb. 3), sent me scurrying back to the biography of one of Princeton's most distinguished students. Sure enough, on page 237 of Scott Fitzgerald by Andrew Turnbull we find the documentation that establishes the author of The Great Gatsby, etc. as the true pioneer of the system.
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February 24, 1964

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Have we gone so far down the primrose path of material creature comfort that we are unable to recognize and give credit to those who have not, those who are dedicating themselves to doing their best?

I especially felt deep pride when I watched our hockey team: men who have been willing to put aside their private lives for the months they have trained. I know it takes-years of playing together to make a team. So do they. They undoubtedly knew they had little chance by beginning in the late fall to play together as a team. But even with little chance they were willing to get out of a comfortable home or pleasant fraternity house to forgo nightly TV, soft gooey desserts and all the other things we think so vital to a "good life," to present themselves, instead, to a grinding schedule so they could represent their country.

Tough Americans? You bet they are!
Rock Island, Ill.

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