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Gilbert Rogin
April 20, 1964
A beauty-minded Texan pioneers a new glamorous look in women's track
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April 20, 1964

Flamin' Mamie's Bouffant Belles

A beauty-minded Texan pioneers a new glamorous look in women's track

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"We were four blocks away," said Paula.

"We were six," said Sue.

"This is the time when all the personalities come out," said Mrs. Ellison. "You know, no one ever explained to me that you had to go to college to become a coach. Everything I've learned has been from books, talking and observation. Sometimes the men coaches make fun of me. They say, you're not a coach, you're a promoter. Maybe I'm not a coach, but maybe I'm out to prove to these men who are so learned that I can do it. It will give me a lot of satisfaction to prove that it doesn't take years of experience and education to become a successful coach. I've been coaching only five years and I was the coach of the U.S. team that went to Russia. It's a laugh in a way.

"Did you know that Babe Didrikson was the only girl from Texas that ever made the Olympic track team? I want Janis to make it and Sue and Dora.... Then someday I'd like to get me a summer track camp by a river and make Flamin' Mamie a little money."

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