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June 08, 1964
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June 08, 1964


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But the overall photographic coverage was superb. The terrible accident was confusing at first—an explosion of smoke and chaos. But reports from the infield, interviews with the drivers who escaped and reruns of pertinent tape recreated the tragic moment in graphic detail. Beyond that, spectators watching theater TV saw things—dips and darts, challenges and backing off—that few watching at Indianapolis have ever seen. When A. J. Foyt and Parnelli Jones dueled for the lead you followed them, wheel for wheel, all the way around the track. You saw Jimmy Clark coolly controlling a crippled car and bringing it into a safe, graceful stop. You saw Parnelli Jones leaping from his burning car in the pits and rolling frantically on the cement.

The race at Indy was not perfect this year, nor was the telecast. But for the TV audience both were unforgettable.

Charles Dickens among his many famous sentences wrote: "The law is a ass." It is pleasant to report that a Baltimore judge has proved the exception to the Dickens rule. There is a park ordinance in Baltimore that says it is against the law for boys to play ball stripped to the waist, no matter what the temperature. William Winkler, 18, was picked up for violating the strip rule and held in bail. Judge Joseph Broccolino termed the law "ridiculous" and added that it exemplified "too much government." He found Winkler not guilty.


A New Yorker, uncertain of the time, need only dial NERVOUS on his telephone to be informed of the exact hour, minute and second. If a look out the window should prove an inadequate measure of the weather, he can call WE-6-1212 for a detailed report thereof. And he can Dial-A-Prayer if he feels the state of his soul needs looking after.

Of late, a long-distance variation of these Dial-A-Games has appeared in Boston, much to the chagrin of the New England Telephone and Telegraph Co.

It's called Dial-A-Track, and the players are Boston's bookies.

The FBI discovered recently that operators at the NET&T have been placing long-distance calls free of charge for bookies. In return the operators have been getting either weekly payoffs or expense-paid trips to Bermuda, Puerto Rico or Florida. An NET&T official has announced the dismissal of one operator, and it wouldn't be a bad bet that the others involved are making nervous use of the Boston branch of Dial-A-Prayer.


Mickey Wright, the top woman golfer right now, has won four of the last eight tournaments she has entered and finished second or third in the other four. Last year she won $31,000 and so far this year has earned more than $9,000. How would Mickey do if she played in men's tournaments? Alice Bauer Hovey, no mean golfer herself, said last week, "With the purses the men get, Mickey would make a ton."

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